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Hanging Dehumidifier

Main Description 2 x Kingfisher 210g Hanging dehumidifier Helps to stop damp,,mould,mildew and condensation Ideal for home and workplace Absorbs 3x its own weight. Hang in area once crystals are full discard the hanger. will last 3-6 weeks depending on humidity in atmospher

Interior Refillable Dehumidifier

This Interior Refillable Dehumidifier is perfect for keeping your home mould and mildew free. Use this simple moisture trap in the small spaces in your home; wardrobes, closet, cupboards etc., simply take your moisture crystals from its packet, put them in the base of the trap and then put your trap anywhere in your home and let it get to work.

Large Interior Dehumidifier Refill Pouch, 450g

Kingfisher Home Interior Dehumidifier is the quick and easy way to help remove damp and improve air quality. The special